Sunday, February 15, 2009

Of pain and medication

At the moment, I'm feeling a bit rummy from a lack of sleep. In the middle of the night, I developed a really bad headache, migraine intensity, and I had a difficult time sleeping. When I did drift into sleep, all I dreamed about was finding pain medication and swallowing it as quickly as possible. At 7:00 a.m., I finally woke up enough to get out of bed and stumble through the house. No more ibuprofin. I took a sample of every pill in the house that contained even trace amounts of pain reliever. "Sudafed? This has a little acetometaphin in it....I'll take two." By the time I woke up at 8:00, the headache was pretty much gone.

It's at times like that when I wish that we had a bottle of Tylenol 3 sitting around the house for emergency purposes. I generally don't like to overmedicate, or even medicate for that matter when I can relieve maladies naturally. I figure that if I undermedicate myself, when something *really* bad happens, the medication will work even better. With that in mind, I'm still a real weenie at times. Usually I'm much more willing to use medication when I'm having trouble sleeping as a result of the problem at hand, or when I can't focus on my work. If I'm just sitting around doing nothing important, I'm much more likely to live with it. And I am thinking of investing in a cell phone in case of emergency situations too.


My mom bought me this aromatherapy diffuser thingie for Christmas. I've used it once, and decided that I need to get my own essential oils for it. The little "aroma beads" that came with it smell really artificial and make me want to sneeze. It came with cotton pads that I can pour drops of essential oils onto, so I'm thinking pure vanilla or cinammon or something like that. I prefer the scents of spices 10 to 1 over flowers.

There is a store on Roosevelt Avenue called Zenith Supplies that sells lots of essential oils, incense, homeopathic therapy supplies and things like that. I'll have to go pick up some new oils. They also carry the best variety of vitamins and herbs I've seen in the city, in pill form, in tinctures, and various other forms. It's a great store until you talk to the employees. I've never met a more snobby group. (Yes, a plug and a criticism in the same paragraph. ;-)